A satisfying, safe and sustainable food supply is ours. All we have to do is grow it.

    Written by Renae Larson
    on June 05, 2019

    The black gunk that gets stuck in your car tires or tracked into your house from muddy shoes isn’t dirt. It’s soil.


    Soil is the foundation of our planet, supporting all life on Earth. The little critters, worms, plants, and flowers present in our lives are all here because of the soil.  It, too, is alive.  Soil is a melting pot of organic matter, nutrients, and living organisms that blend together to sustain life.

    The health of us, our planet, and our food is rooted in the health of our soil. Without nutrient dense soil, we cannot grow healthy crops. Soil health is an indispensable pillar in our food system that drives the well-being of our people and planet.


    Making our soil healthy again.

    Over time our soil has degraded, and it’s now up to us to implement practices that restore the diverse ecosystem beneath our feet. Regaining essential soil nutrients and organic matter can be achieved in many ways – and it starts at the farm.

    Soil restoration takes changing traditional agriculture - incorporating cover crops, advancing crop rotations, and using regenerative practices - all are tactics growers are integrating on their farms to restore what’s been deteriorated.


    Discovering regenerative crop footprints.  

    PURIS is studying soil health on partnered farms with farmers who are implementing regenerative practices.  Soil research helps all of us understand  how best we can support the earth and produce safe, healthy food for generations to come. Each PURIS grower is doing one thing in common: they all are growing PURIS non-GMO and organic yellow field peas. PURIS peas are a regenerative crop that biologically fix nitrogen by converting nitrogen from the air to a usable plant form of nitrogen in the soil. Giving more to the soil than they take, our growers are building soil health one pea at a time.

    Follow us through our soil research journey and learn how regenerative crops like PURIS yellow field peas are building our soil back up to levels that can sustain life.

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