A satisfying, safe and sustainable food supply is ours. All we have to do is grow it.

    Written by Renae Larson
    on July 29, 2019

    Whether it's fresh produce, baby food, or packaged snacks, organic options are all around us. Before these products are washed and packaged, each travels through numerous steps and processes along the organic supply chain to get to your table. Every step of the journey - from our farmers' fields to the grocery store shelves - is critical to maintaining organic integrity.

    The entire organic industry continuously strives to stay up to date on news and consumer needs so we can evolve and strengthen our organic system and global supply chain from seed to food solution.

    The founding principle of organic is change that compliments the driving needs of consumers. Policies, issues, advances, breaking news, you name it - the industry is listening to it all and staying true to the long lasting, underpinning goals of organic.

    Each year leaders bring forward industry messages and consensus recommendations to representatives up at Capitol Hill regarding policies that will drive action in organics. We asked these leaders to share the issues that are fueling their fire while lobbying at the Capitol!




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