A satisfying, safe and sustainable food supply is ours. All we have to do is grow it.

    Written by Julia Albrecht
    on February 22, 2019

    ­Sustainability is a topic that has been gaining more and more traction over the years, people are living a more conscious and environmentally friendly life than ever before. But with so much to choose from it’s hard to take into consideration how our food choices impact the environment.

    At PURIS® the choice is simple; all of our ingredients are as friendly on the environment as they are on the body.

    The first thing to note is that sustainability is just a starting point; it is one step along the wa­y to regeneration. We like to think about regenerative as a restoration where the environment and people work together to restore the planet.

    With a line of easy to use, good for the earth, premium tasting, affordable ingredients, our REGENERATIVE choice is always the easy choice – and the only one that matters.

    This March at NATURAL PRODUCTS EXPO WEST, join us and learn about our network of over 400 farmers and 200,000 acres of land at booth 3524. We will be sharing HOW peas are restoring the planet and our bodies.


    Soil health is the basis of food security. Peas are able to improve soil health by increasing biodiversity, fixing their own nitrogen for fertilizer and sequestering carbon into the soil all the while increasing soil productivity. PURIS peas help raise soil microbial biomass and activity which in turn boosts soil health. The result? Greater resistance and resilience against stress and advancement in the ecosystem’s capability to overcome disease. ORGANIC FARMING and production is regenerative at its core: through multi-crop systems, rotational crops, cover crops, soil health, and avoiding the use of deteriorating chemicals.


    We’ve assembled an ingredient dream team leading the way in sustainable plant based innovation:


    Packed with a powerful crunch our pea crisps are a perfect complement to a wide array of applications. Available in both Non-GMO Project Verified and Organic. From protein bars to granola, pea crisps are a high protein ingredient everyone can feel good about. Making the switch to pea crisps is a quick way to meet sustainability goals while simultaneously providing a delicious finish.  


    Taste the future of protein. PURIS TPP has some of the highest protein content on the planet with a satisfying taste and appealing texture that redefines what meat can be. Simple, minimally processed, grounded from the seed up. The result? Super clean foods the most contentious eater can love – all powered by plants.


    Our versatile organic starch can be used in a variety of ways. Organic pea starch can be found in baked goods, sauces, or even confectionary treats like our 100% PLANT BASED GUMMY. Pea starch is an ingredient everyone can feel good about. Peas are 50% starch, by going beyond protein to embrace all parts of the plant, we squeeze more goodness out of everything we grow. That means lower costs, less waste, and a significantly smaller environmental impact.

    To tackle environmental challenges, innovation has to start at the beginning of the growing process and move all the way to the finished food. PURIS is taking the issues associated with our food system seriously – committing significant resources to developing plant-based regenerative ingredients and understanding what steps we can take to help create impactful solutions. For more information, sample requests, or inquiry on setting up a consultation with PURIS’ team of regenerative experts, please contact

    See you at Expo West; meet us at booth 3524!


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