Move Makers in Food: Transparency



To feed 10 billion people by the year 2050, how we make our food has to change. Demand for meat is surging as countries get wealthier. But meat takes huge amounts of water and fossil fuels to produce, depleting scarce resources and adding to atmospheric CO2.



The world is producing record amounts of food. But unless we know what’s in that food, we can’t know the risks. More chemicals, synthetics, GMOs and industrial animal proteins in our food supply threaten the health of humans and our environment in ways we’re only beginning to realize.



We have a duty to provide food that’s safe for people and our planet. By embracing non-GMO, responsible practices from seed to solution, PURIS has built a future-proof food source with the variety, nutrition and taste people expect. Now we’re scaling up to meet the need.

Introducing "Move Makers in Food" Episode 3 - "Transparency"


Where does your food come from?

This question is top of mind as consumers navigate through the aisles of the grocery store. Instead of leaving us hanging, left to our own devices, a growing group of innovators within food has made answering this question a priority.

In 2019 – transparency is a big deal. According to the most recent Label Insight Food Revolution Study, 94% of consumers surveyed feel it is important that brands are transparent about what’s in their food and how it’s made.

Consumer are more educated and aware about food than ever before and the desire for greater transparency is what drives sales. Food eaters aren’t just concerned about feeding their families safe food anymore, they want to improve the world around them – and they are actively purchasing food aligned with their values.

What are eaters seeking transparency around? Ingredients. Informed eaters are prioritizing ingredients over brands. With all the tricky words and fancy marketing claims sometimes it’s just easier to do the good old flip and check out the back label to see what’s really in that tasty snack. Yet not all ingredients are created equal and many brands have taken the pledge to find the cleanest, sustainable, safest ingredients on the market.

In the third episode of Move Makers in Food we investigate what brands are doing to support our tummies and the land.

“Transparency is incredibly important for us because the people we serve really rely on nutrition to heal and make them better from whatever is ailing them. For us to be able to tell them exactly where our products are sourcing from and their ingredients gives them piece of mind” said Christi Phreaner from Kate Farms, who manufacturers nutrition formulas for vulnerable populations across the globe. “It’s important for moms and caregivers to know what they’re giving their child really is what’s on the label and where it comes from is clean and wholesome for their bodies.”

We believe people deserve to know everything, and so do these Move Makers. By leaving nothing to chance we're restoring trust to our food system, together - from seed to shelf. 

PURIS is one of the only vertically integrated Pea Protein, Starch, and Fiber suppliers in the world. Vertically integrated is a fancy way of saying we know exactly where our ingredients come from down to the seed. To learn more about our story click here.  

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