Move Makers in Food: if You Could be a Plant...



To feed 10 billion people by the year 2050, how we make our food has to change. Demand for meat is surging as countries get wealthier. But meat takes huge amounts of water and fossil fuels to produce, depleting scarce resources and adding to atmospheric CO2.



The world is producing record amounts of food. But unless we know what’s in that food, we can’t know the risks. More chemicals, synthetics, GMOs and industrial animal proteins in our food supply threaten the health of humans and our environment in ways we’re only beginning to realize.



We have a duty to provide food that’s safe for people and our planet. By embracing non-GMO, responsible practices from seed to solution, PURIS has built a future-proof food source with the variety, nutrition and taste people expect. Now we’re scaling up to meet the need.

Introducing "Move Makers in Food" Episode 2 - "If you were a plant..."

Let’s face it, whether we eat them, grow them, hug them, or look at them – plants just make us feel better.

The benefits of living a plant-based lifestyle are rooted in science, supported by farmers, and backed with compelling stories of transformation and longevity. More than ever before, plants of all shapes and sizes are popping up in grocery stores and markets across the globe.

It’s an exciting time to be a plant lover, innovation is at an all time high and brands continue to wow us year after year. There’s no better place to find plant-loving foodie fanatics than at Natural Products Expo West. This year we decided to round up an elite group of forward thinking move makers in the food space and get creative.

But every dream team needs a mascot, right? We turned to our team to ask the pivotal question – if you could be any plant on this earth, what plant would you be? And why?

This may seem like an easy question, but with nearly 375,000 species of plants on earth, the task is harder than it looks.

Our team was up to the challenge and stunned us with their answers: from the complex onion to the massive redwood trees to delicious wild strawberries.

Episode Two – you’re sure in for a surprise.

Peas are our alter-ego. They’re small but mighty! We’re turning it over to you now and asking the same question, if you could be a plant, which one would you be? And why? Write us at or comment on this blog!

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